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When you trust someone else to care for and teach your child, you want to be sure it's the right place. You want a safe, secure, warm place where your child will learn, develop and have a wonderful time.

It's a difficult decision. That's why we put together this checklist to help you find the right place for your child.

    Learning & Nurturing

  • Are teachers loving and responsive?
  • Are teachers specially trained for the age they teach?
  • Do the teachers make learning fun and help prepare children for the future?
  • Does the curriculum provide a balance of daily teacher-directed and child-directed activities?
  • Do the children have access to a variety of engaging activities throughout the day?
  • Are toys and learning materials safe, plentiful and age appropriate? Are they sanitized properly?
  • Do both the indoor and outdoor play areas age appropriate equipment?
  • Do teachers use positive techniques to guide children's behavior?
  • Are parents welcome and encouraged to visit at any time?
    Health & Safety

  • Is the school licensed?
  • Is the school clean and well maintained?
  • Are emergency procedures and evacuation routes established and practiced regularly?
  • Are health guidelines and emergency phone numbers posted?
  • Are security policies and procedures implemented?
  • Are nutritious foods and beverages provided throughout the day?
  • Are all children under adult supervision at all times?
  • Are sick children who are contagious kept at home?
  • Are immunizations required?
    Teachers & Staff

  • Are teachers educated and experienced in early childhood education?
  • Do the teachers and staff provide the kind of warm attention and satisfying learning experiences that prepare children for the future?
  • Do the teachers interact positively with the children?
  • Is it the desire of teachers and staff to instill confidence, build self-esteem and develops the love of learning?
  • Are teachers and staff trained in First Aid? CPR?
  • Is ongoing training provided for teachers and staff?
  • Are the teachers and staff a good role model?

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