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Part of the Discoverer experience at Mini Scholars is to learn about sharing and getting along with others. This is a time when children begin participating in activities for longer periods-listening to stories, singing songs, playing games and doing art projects. Through stories, children learn to appreciate language, gain new vocabulary, and learn new words and concepts. Simple participatory songs and games are important introductions to speech patterns, sensory motor skill development and movement skills

Children at the age of two are learning at a rapid pace, establishing language, self-help and potty training skills. Our curriculum ensures that each and every day is filled with interesting things to see and do. With building blocks, simple puzzles and other manipulative activities the children enjoy matching pictures, colors and shapes. They also improve their fine motor skills and explore basic readiness reading and math skills. Our enriched learning environment and personalized care helps instill confidence, build self-esteem and develops the love of learning.

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