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Our learning approach at Mini Scholars has been very successful in providing pre-kindergarten graduates with a noticeable head start in kindergarten. Our pre-kindergarten class is a private program that is designed to ensure that children are academically successful by building self-confidence and enhancing skills for intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth. Mini Scholars provides a fun learning-enriched environment with a level of personal attention that few public schools can match.

Mini Scholars' Graduates are ready for Kindergarten intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially! Our curriculum provides a balance of daily teacher-directed activities and child-directed activities. Our weekly themes and our "Letter of the Week" enhance the Mini Scholars' program!

Children enjoy computer, language, phonics, writing, math and reading activities. Children also get plenty of opportunities to explore their creativity through drawing, painting and music. Most of all, they're continually developing their minds and muscles every day in a place where they feel comfortable and cared for. The way we see it, school is a pretty long journey, so it's critical to get the best start!

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