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Preschoolers 3 - 4

For children, a preschool is a happy place for exploring and finding out new things every day. For parents, a preschool should be a place that focuses on learning yet never forgets the importance of fun.

Building on more that 10 years of excellence in Early Childhood Education, Mini Scholars provides the kind of warm attention and satisfying learning experiences that prepare preschoolers for long-term success in the classroom. The entire program is designed to be engaging and fun, so the children don't just learn, they love to learn!

Our curriculum helps children master the skills that will lead to success in their school years. The children experience the joy of learning through stories, books, letters, phonics and other activities. We help develop a foundation in math, science, social interaction, and creative activities like art, music and dramatic play. Our curriculum provides a balance of daily teacher-directed activities and child-directed activities. Our weekly themes and our "Letter of the Week" enhance the Mini Scholars' program!

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